Types of Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Which Products Will Guarantee You a Fast and Effective Carpet Cleaning

Removing stubborn stains, dust, and dirt from carpets can be quite challenging, but knowing what detergents to use can always simplify the process a bit. Different carpets, rugs and mats are manufactured from various materials. In order to clean them without damaging the fabric, they are made of, you should consult an experienced carpet cleaning contractor about the type of cleaning which should be applied to your carpets.


There are two basic methods:

1. Dry cleaning – Suitable for carpets made of wool, jute, silk, cotton and choir.

2. Steam pressure washing – Suitable for all synthetic fabrics as well as fake suede and leather.


Both of them give effective results, although they use different types of cleaning chemicals. Now that you know the right cleaning method for each type of carpet, you can easily choose a detergent to apply. The basic groups of detergents which you can use for optimal cleaning results are:

– dish cleaning detergents

– all purpose household cleaners

– laundry detergent based solutions

– powder ammonia-based detergent

– window cleaning products mixed with warm water

– spot removers, based on white vinegar or baking soda

– dry powder carpet cleaning solutions


No matter which option you have chosen, if you want to remove stains which have been stuck in your carpets for a while, you should consider doing a pre-treatment. You basically need a stronger detergent for this purpose, as well as a brush to help you do the area cleaning. Apply the solvent, which you have chosen, over the spot, you need to remove, and leave it for as long as the instructions on the detergent’s bottle allow. Brush it and wash away the dirt with warm water. Repeat the procedure for stubborn stains. When you are completely done clean the entire carpet one more time, using the solvent, you prefer.

Of course, professional dry or steam carpet cleaning companies have powerful tools and machines to simplify the process. Call G & G Cleaning Services, of Birmingham, AL, if you need to save time and get your carpets immaculately cleaned. We work with environmentally-friendly products only!

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