How to Maintain Your Carpets and Upholstered Furniture Clean and Good-Looking. Part – 1

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tips from a Reputable Local Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

The bigger the home and the family that lives in it, the more the maintenance it requires in order to remain sturdy and good-looking. However, at some point a lot of homeowners get behind on their maintenance plans and can’t catch up with the chores. In cases like that, one of the ways to get your home back in shape is by calling an upholstery and carpet cleaning service provider. On the other hand, if you spend a weekend or two doing the chores, you are sure to get back on track on your own. In any case, if you need advice on carpet and upholstery cleaning, here is what we can tell you:

When it comes to carpets, you need to know that different materials have different ways of cleaning. For example, some carpets are more absorbent than others and are harder to wash. Others are water resistant but vulnerable to chemical cleaners. There are natural fiber carpets and synthetic ones.

Natural fiber carpets include wool, sisal, seaweed, and other materials. Woolen carpets are very popular and very durable. They are easy to dye, have durable colors, and can last for decades when maintained properly. Also, they can handle a lot of wear. The best way to maintain them is with regular vacuum cleaning and several carpet washing procedures per year. The washing can be a bit more complicated because wool is very water absorbent. Other natural fibers like sisal and seaweed need mostly vacuuming and not so much washing.

Synthetic carpets need the same amount of care but have different properties. They are pretty low water-absorbent, however, they are vulnerable to some chemicals. Polyester carpets, for example, are very susceptible to oil-based stains. The oils bind directly with the chemicals in the fibers and that can create a hard crust or cause the stain to become a permanent part of the carpet. Also, when treating nylon carpets, we recommend you avoid any cleaning agents that contain bleach or hydrogen peroxide. They can cause discoloration and fading. Use mild cleaning agents, or call a carpet cleaning service.

For further tips, check out part two of this article, or give G & G Cleaning Services of Birmingham, AL a call! We are available for appointments at (205) 222-0365!

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