5 Steps to Choose The Right Commercial Vacuum Cleaner for Your Business

Professional Vacuuming Tips and Advice for Office Cleaning

If you think it is high time to hire a regular cleaning maid to clean your office, do careful research beforehand. This is the only way you can make sure the company, you choose, offers the professional equipment which will deliver the desired cleaning results, creating a healthy environment for your employees. The main things you should research before making your final decision is the company’s license and insurance, their environment policy and the vacuum cleaning machines they use.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed differently than domestic ones. They are manufactured to be sturdier and more durable than the vacuum cleaners which are meant for home use. If there is high traffic in your office, you definitely need to get a maid, who has one of these. Commercial vacuum cleaners may be a bit too big but are built to handle substantial dirt and debris as well as frequent use. For your own convenience, it will be better to buy one yourself and leave it in the office storage room, where your commercial cleaning team keep their supplies and chemicals. This can help you avoid paying for equipment transportation every day.

Here is our 5 step plan to help you choose the right commercial vacuum cleaner:

1. Determine the size of the space you need cleaned – Evaluate your building size, floor type and nature of debris. If you don’t need the most powerful vacuum cleaner, then do not spend money on it. Buy something with a smaller motor, which will fit your needs better.

2. Assess what type of debris the vacuum will pick up and what type of carpets you need cleaned.

3. Consider the weight of the vacuum cleaner – Some commercial vacuum cleaning machines are too heavy and not easy to maneuver, so do not take any of these, if you need to get a large area cleaned on a daily basis.

4. Research various brands and models – Compare their qualities and price to make the best bargain. You may consult a commercial cleaning specialist for advice.

5. Test the vacuum cleaner for ease of use as well as its warranty period before you make the purchase.

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